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WizardChat is a 2D Avatar Chat. Here is the island map. This is a view of the wizard village map. Chat avatars are wizards with several different poses

Wizard Chat officially launched on October 31st, 2008. This is a new site, or at least it was when I wrote these words, and things are changing every day. If you haven't logged in recently, you may be missing some new stuff. For instance, in the past few days I have...
  • Added three four new locations to the village (The Dragons End, Zimblarts Fine Wine and Grog, Grimwaldox Magical Supplies and The Cracked Pot Tavern)
  • Made improvements to the way the wardrobe code works
  • Changed how movement occurs from room to room
  • Started work on "daemons" that will notify you when certain things happen on the site like, for instance, one of your friends comes online
  • And lots more stuff that I forget I have done (believe it or not). Please let me know what you think and thank you for visiting!

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