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Facebook Policy Change! Please Read!

Facebook changed posting rules. Earning Deltas with Facebook no longer works.

On May 1st, Facebook changed their system and no longer allow an application to post on someone's wall when they log into Chatlands. I'd set up a process that gave 0.05 deltas once per day as a reward for the ability to spread the word about Chatlands by posting on your wall when you logged in using the 'Facebook Login' button on this page. But it's against the new policy for a site to do an automatic post on a user's wall. The user has to be aware of it and agree to it. I don't have code in place to make that happen, so I am going to have to stop awarding the deltas. I'll come up with some other way to award users for spreading the word about Chatlands sites soon. Sorry for the bad news.
P.S. If you want to help Chatlands grow, please tell your friends!
- Thanks! -